The Evolution vs Creationism BullSh*t needs to stop

Recently, someone created Conservipedia, saying that Wikipedia has a liberal bias. Its proof? Idiotic things like the fact that some of the articles are spelled in the Queen’s English (honour, colour) despite most users being American. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Another proof it gives is not idiotic, just misguided – […]

You can’t talk about Jesus here! It’s a Christmas festival!

Apparently showing a trailer for a movie about Christ at a Christmas festival is too much for Chicago officials. Although Fox was prepared to pay $12 000 to the festival if the trailer for “The Nativity Story” would be shown throughout the festival. Sorry, said the Political Correctness Police, we can’t appear to be endorsing […]

He’s cheating on his wife? With a gay man?!?

A Pastor with ties to the White House, Republicans, and Anti-Gay Marriage stuff in Colorado has been accused of having an affair with a gay man. Now, the elections are just 4 days away, so the first thing I thought was – this is TOO perfect. This has to have been made up to defame […]

Biblical Genetic Engineering

In biology class we learn about Mendel as one of the pioneers of biology for he determined that tall plants breed tall plants and short ones breed short ones. However, it’s clear that even in the ancient of days there was some knowledge of how genetics worked. Take, for example, the following passage from Genesis […]