Five Iron Frenzy and Reel Big Fish Concert in Silver Springs, MD

On 6 Nov I went to my 2013 concert. Because of time and money concerns, Danielle and I typically go to a maximum of two concerts a year, and usually just one concert. I was completely unable to resist seeing Five Iron Frenzy in their first tour since breaking up nearly a decade ago. I […] 2013 Listening Trends

This year I bought LOTS of albums. I don’t know if it’s the most albums I’ve purchased in one year since writing these blog posts or even since keeping track of Scrobbles. I do know that while I listened to my music randomly, in general, I did also listen to entire albums whenever I purchased […] 2013 Q4 Listening Trends

This quarter I mostly listened to my music on pure random with a few variations which’ll be accounted for below. This finally allowed The Beatles to place in 2013. In the last few weeks I just listened to music that I added in this quarter to make sure I had a chance to get to […]

Kickstarter Update 3

I’m writing this in late August – by the time this post appears I should have received all of my Kickstarter goods or they should be in the mail. Interestingly, even though the Kickstarter backer cycles were spread over about a three month period, they’re all supposed to be delivering the product at around the […]

It seems this always happens in rap….

This article on AV Club considers how A Tribe Called Quest’s most critically acclaimed album is their worst artistically. I felt the same thing happened with GRITS – I LOVE their first two albums, but hate everything after that – which is when they started to pick up steam and be featured on MTV. It’s […] 2013 Q3 Listening Habits

This quarter was a mix of listening to the music I had at work and listening on pure random. Once again Amarok lost the first played and last played stats. Of all the stats to lose, these are the least detrimental, but it makes the “don’t play songs I’ve heard in the last x days” […]

An African American Woman’s Perspective on the Miley Twerking Thing

Miley’s twerking has been way over-exposed. I didn’t write a post about it because I couldn’t give a crap. She just seemed like she was either pulling an Andy Kaufman on us by looking absolutely ridiculous or she was doing a Bieber and losing her marbles. However, I came across this pretty awesome post written […]

The Princess Who Saved Herself

Back around May I backed Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak’s kickstarter Code Monkey Save World. The ONLY reason I backed it is because of this stretch goal to have¬†Takeshi Miyazawa draw a children’s book based on Jonathan Coulton’s song,¬†The Princess Who Saved Herself. if you don’t see a “play” button below, click just left of […]