Bash Shell Scripting

One of the best things about Linux is the ability to write shell scripts. These are most often used as utility programs to do repetitive tasks for you. I just wrote my first one on Sunday and here it is followed by commentary. #!/bin/bash echo “starting xchat…” xchat& echo “starting Gaim…” gaim& echo “starting Thunderbird…” […]

My Fluxbox desktop on Fedora Core 3 Part 3

Here I have decided to run the “top” command in the top transparent Eterm window. This is a great command to have running on the desktop. Basically it’s equivalent to hitting control-alt-delete in Windows and then clicking on “processes”. It tells you what you are running on your system, how much RAM/CPU cycles it’s taking […]

Whatever you do, don’t dumb down Linux…

As we saw in yesterday’s post, one of the things the author of the article suggested was that Linux needed to get simpler in order to gain a wider audience. But I say, hell no! Do not dumb down Linux! One of the most powerful things about Linux is that we still have access to […]

25 Years after MS-DOS….

Another reason why Linux will take over the world. 25 Years After DOS: Lessons Learned for Linux by Walter V. Koenning for the OPINION/EDITORIAL section. NOTICE: Our other recent OP/ED postings include: Microsoft’s Approach May Isolate U.S. Permanently Open Source VS Windows: Reality of a Better Paradigm Microsoft Corporation is preparing a gallant pageant […]