reorganizing and Mo Rocca info

I’m not sure how many people have visited this blog site yet or how many are coming here independently through other sites. I know of one person who has confirming coming here and subscriping to the RSS feed. Anyway, you may have noticed I made some cosmetic changes to the site. I’m not 100% sure […]

[1.0] Mo Rocca @ Cornell!

Mo Rocca came to talk today at Cornell, thanks to a Sponsership from Hillel, the Campus Jewish group. Why they invited him, I don’t know because he revealed during his performance that he was Catholic. But he did have a hilarious opening bit where he told this whole story using Yiddish. He was quite hilarious […]

Safety and health are here…at a price

I’ve recently begun to notice a disturbing trend: anything that’s good for you will cost you more. The most serious infraction comes from the food supply. When I go to buy ground beef, cheapest of the beef products, there are three tiers of product available for me to purchase. The cheapest product is ground beef […]

Singing the praises of Word Press

One of the things I love about word press over Tripod’s current mode is that I can make a post belong to several categories. This is extremely useful because on Tripod, for example, I have the categories of “Linux”, “Computers”, and “Technology”. Since the category I pick is sometimes a function of the one I […]

[1.0] The Gospel of Tux

I was listening to a book about hackers and the following excerpt from the Gospel of Tux was reproduced. I laughed so hard, partially because my study of the Old Testament allowed me to know that this is a parody of a real King. It took me about 10 minutes, but I found the passage. […]

[1.0] Quotes are good for the soul

“Yeah, a nalgene bottle is indestructable, but I’ve never had a problem with my water bottle being destroyed.” – Dan (why it’s dangerous to discuss sims w/o telling the other person first) Danny: dude Danny: stargazing is dangerous Me: ? Danny: I had Ian outside stargazing Danny: and a satelite fell on him Danny: and […]

A Brave New World

Today I begin what may be one of the most interesting projects I have yet to take on. This blog is hosted on my server. That means it is completely under my control. I don’t have to pay money for it and I can write whatever I want without any censorship. Additionally, it’s pretty freakin’ […]