About Advertisements

In the interest of full disclosure and being super-honest with my readers, here’s what’s up with the advertisements on this blog:

I have two banner ads set up – Google and Project Wonderful. Both of them stay away from annoying ads that make noise and distract. I’m trying to use the ads to offset the costs associated with the server that hosts this and other blogs. So please, if you’re using ad blocking software – please make exceptions for this site or for those ads.

I have two affiliate programs on this blog. If you click on the B&H banner ad, anything you buy there will have a certain percentage come back to me to help support the site. If I blog about photography and mention equipment, if I have links to B&H, if you buy that item, I can get a percentage to help support the site. I don’t get any free products and any links are to products I’ve used and enjoyed using. The other is for Amazon.com. Works similarly to the B&H one.

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